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We challenge all parents to have a 529 plan set up for their child!

What is the Brighter Future Challenge

Once you register, your child will be enrolled in the Brighter Future Challenge. This is a simple and fun challenge to set up your child’s 529 plan in 4 weeks or less.For most parents, thinking about setting up a 529 plan for their child is an overwhelming process. It’s not. Join now and make the process fun. Design your child’s online scrapbook and invite friends and family to follow along with their adventures and help them reach their goals. Over the next 4 weeks we will walk you thru the steps you need to complete.

Set up your child’s 529 plan with our 4 week challenge.

Week 1

Have fun with your kids and family, invite your relatives and closest friends to follow your child’s journey. Start building your child’s scrapbook by going thru all your old photos and videos and posting them to their storyline. Start raising your deposit.

Week 2

We will teach you everything you need to know about what a 529 plan is, how it works, and how to set it up! Continue raising deposit.

Week 3

We connect you with all the people you need and help you get all paperwork started, and continue raising your deposit.

Week 4

Finalize your child’s 529 plan and get your account information. Link your child’s 529 account to their scrapbook so they can save for years to come.

Wondering what a 529 plan is? Click