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Thank you for following a loved one’s adventures.

How to follow a child

Once you register, You will be able to find children you love and follow their adventures in your storyline.Each of the children on our site wants to share their life with you as they post memories to their scrapbook. Every child also has a financial goal they are trying to reach for their future. While you enjoy watching your loved one grow, Diplomakids offers you a very easy way to give a gift of a college fund contribution during holidays and special occasions.

Following a child’s scrapbook is easy as 1,2,3

Step 1

Sign up for your free account in minutes. Once you are logged in, use the search bar to search for the children you love. Send a request to the parent to become a trusted follower and view their scrapbook.

Step 2

Once you are a trusted follower of children, check in on your storyline to follow along with all their adventures. You will be able to view all future memories as they post them on their scrapbooks.

Step 3

We all know how big of a pain it is to keep up on gifts for all the children in our lives. As you enjoy the memories they post, consider making contributions during holidays and special occasions. You can easily help a child reach their financial goal by simply clicking the button on the top of their scrapbook.

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