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We challenge parents who have a 529 to save at least $1200 each year.

The Yearly Challenge

Once you register, your will be enrolled in our yearly challenge. Funding your child’s 529 plan consistently is often a struggle for parents.Our yearly challenge will allow you to set a yearly goal for your child. Then we will help you reach that goal by keeping you on track each month, and helping you engage with friends and family and allowing them to help your child.

Consistently fund your child’s 529 plan year after year!

Step 1

Select an amount that you would like to save for the year and make this your yearly goal. We will keep you on track each month.

Step 2

Have fun with your kids and family, invite your relatives and closest friends to follow your child’s journey. Start building your child’s scrapbook by going thru all your old photos and videos and posting them to their storyline.

Step 3

Keep your loved ones involved in your child’s life by posting memories to their online scrapbook. Friends and family can follow along with their adventures and have the option to give the gift of a college fund contribution for holidays, special occasions, or just because throughout the year.